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Terms and Conditions

Securing your appointment

To secure your child’s appointment date/time we respectfully request that each appointment is paid for in full at the time of booking. Payment can be completed via bank transfer – all necessary bank details will be at the bottom of your invoice. Once we have received this we will be able to confirm your child’s appointment.


We cannot guarantee that the time will be held unless the payment has been received, standing as confirmation that you will attend. Therefore, until the payment has been received, the appointment time may be offered to another patient without notice.


Cancellation Policy

We understand that life can throw the unexpected at us sometimes, which may result in you needing to change your plans. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we respectfully request at least 24 hours notice. To cancel your appointment, please call our team on 07519354998 or email us at


We are aware that due to the nature of our service some individuals will have to cancel with short notice, however we must treat all clients the same and with less than 24-hours-notice we are unlikely to fill that appointment slot. Therefore, failure to provide 24 hours-notice of a cancellation for any reason will incur a cancellation charge which is the full cost of the consultation.  Should ill health or misfortune affect your ability to attend we hope you will graciously accept our policy as it helps to ensure that we still exist when you need our help again.


Please also note that insurance companies do not always cover late cancellations or non-attendance. If not covered, these charges will be payable by you.

If there are a significant number of cancellations made on your account, we will contact you to discuss and agree a solution.

Rescheduling Your Appointment

You can reschedule your appointment up to 24 hours prior to your appointment start time. No further fees will be required if you have provided the minimum 24 hours notice.


You will be unable to reschedule your appointment less than 24 hours before the appointment start time.

Medical Insurance and Payments

Where appropriate, we will invoice the relevant insurance provider directly for the cost of your treatment. However, you are still liable for the payment of our fees in full. To enable us to do this we would need you to provide us with your insurance membership details, policy number and a valid-pre-authorisation code for the proposed treatment along with your personal details including address, date of birth and contact details.

(It is important to note that, depending on your individual policy, your private medical insurance may not cover all of our fees; this could be the result of an excess payable on your policy, or that your policy may not cover certain treatments). Please be advised that once your insurance policy allowance has been exhausted or if our claim is rejected for whatever reason, you will be liable for any balance in payment and as such will be invoiced directly from Ribble Valley Children’s Physiotherapy - we will send invoices via email.

Late Payment

Any on-going treatment may be suspended or cancelled if our fees and expenses are not paid in full when due. In the unfortunate event that we need to enforce payment from you, you will be liable for all the incurred costs.


When further treatment or imaging is required we may refer your child to a third party, whereby we will complete the necessary referral form or send a referral letter, after which it is your responsibility to arrange your child’s appointment with them. Once under their care you will be bound by the terms and conditions of that third party and we undertake no liability with respect to that third party.

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