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What is intensive Physiotherapy?

Intensive therapy packages are a great way for your child to solidify pre-learned skills and lay down neural pathways to learn new skills through repetition and muscle memory. Our intensive packages offer short bursts of daily Physiotherapy input tailored to suit the needs of your child, and will therefore vary in session duration, frequency and treatment methods used in order to best meet your child's goals. We usually recommend that a child completes 1-2 hours of Physio per day with a short break for any drinks and snacks in between. Intensive therapy packages can be used for various different conditions or injuries, including neurological conditions, developmental delay, post-op orthopaedic surgery, post-SDR surgery etc.

During your child's sessions, your Physiotherapist will talk you through exactly what they're doing, their clinical reasoning behind each exercise and how this will benefit your child's physical progression. Please feel free to ask as many questions as you wish - as therapists we love this level of engagement!

At the end of our therapy blocks you will be provided with a home exercise programme to complete between Physiotherapy sessions in order to maintain your child's newfound skills, allowing them to progress even further during their next block booking. 

What are the possible benefits of intensive Physiotherapy?

Intensive Physiotherapy could help your child to:

  • Consolidate and refine established gross motor skills

  • Develop new gross motor skills

  • Reduce recovery time following an injury

  • Improve strength, flexibility and/or balance

  • Improve visual processing and proprioception

  • Improve confidence and self-esteem


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1 hour Physio sessions daily for one week (5 hours total)



2 hour Physio sessions daily for one week (10 hours total)



2 hour Physio sessions daily for 2 weeks (20 hours total)


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