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Ribble Valley Children's Physiotherapy is a dedicated children's practice, focused on providing every child with effective,  personalised care from specialised chartered clinicians.

We understand that your child is very precious to you and we reflect that in our approach. We strive to deliver the best possible care to each and every child, as we would our own; whether that's completing home visits to make your child feel more at ease in familiar surroundings, doing school visits to ensure continuity of care across health and education settings, or attending sporting sessions to provide functional rehab that fits with your child's goals - all the while adapting sessions to include your child's interests.

Take a look at our services to find out how we can support you and your child.


Why choose a paediatric physiotherapist?

Children are not simply "small adults". The anatomy and physiology of a child differs from that of an adult, and children can also suffer from different conditions. By choosing a paediatric physiotherapist,  you can be confident in the knowledge that your child's therapist will have relevant experience in working with these unique traits, and will have the skills to assess your child using the appropriate techniques e.g. using play to observe or encourage specific movements. As parents and guardians you will always be involved during our assessment and treatment sessions, to ensure you gain a clear understanding of what we are doing and how you can facilitate your child's development/recovery outside of their appointments.

Whether you require an initial consultation or regular treatment sessions, at Ribble Valley Children's Physiotherapy we provide an array of different services to cater to each family's lifestyle and circumstances. Explore the links below to learn more about our services.


Once you have contacted us regarding your concerns about your child, we will give you a complimentary call to discuss your child's needs further and determine whether your child would benefit from a physiotherapy assessment. If the physiotherapist advises that your child would benefit from an assessment, you will be sent a referral form to fill out and your child's initial physiotherapy assessment will be booked.

During your child's initial assessment your physiotherapist will advise how often, if at all, your child will need to be reviewed, in order to achieve their full rehab potential and their functional goals.



At Ribble Valley Children's Physiotherapy, we treat a variety of different conditions including musculoskeletal injuries, biomechanical issues, sporting injuries, neurological disorders, neurodevelopmental conditions and genetic conditions.

Little boy with scoliosis in rehabilitat


A Ribble Valley Children's Physiotherapy Baby MOT is a comprehensive physical assessment of your baby’s gross motor skills. With an assessment from our child development experts, this MOT can help ease your anxiety and boost your confidence about your baby's physical presentation. Packages are offered at 3 or 6 session bookings.

Newborn baby sleep first days of life. Cute little newborn child sleeping peacefully.jpg


We are delighted to announce that we now offer intensive therapy packages, consisting of daily physiotherapy tailored to each child's individual needs. Our intensive therapy packages help develop and/or reinforce skills via repetition in order to improve strength, muscle memory, and motor planning.



Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI) is a therapeutic technique used in physiotherapy to treat children with gross motor delay by improving automatic postural responses and help each child progress towards their developmental milestones (i.e. rolling, sitting, four-point,  crawling, standing, walking and transitions). This type of market leading intervention stimulates neuroplasticity to enable your child's brain to form new synaptic connections in order to learn new skills.



Questions to consider:

  • Would your child benefit from further physiotherapy to compliment their current NHS treatment?

  • Is your child currently on a physiotherapy waiting list, but you'd like them to be seen sooner?

  • Do you have concerns that your baby/child is not meeting their developmental milestones e.g. rolling, sitting or walking?

  • Has your child got an injury or condition that needs physiotherapy input?

  • Are you looking for some physio input for injury prevention or reoccurence?

  • Are you looking for intensive physiotherapy intervention for your child?


We would love to hear from you!

To book an appointment or for more information, please give us a call or complete the contact form below and we'll get right back to you.

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Child Physiotherapy
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